Charities & Non-profits

Chuva helps charities and non-profits reach their goals by connecting them to donors, foundations or (impact) investors. I do this by using the latest research, developing strategic plans and giving strategic advice and helping with implementing these plans.

Prospect Research

Do you want to raise more funds more efficiently at existing and new donors? I will gladly help you with prospect research. Where are your donors and how can you reach them? With a SMART-approach I will help you reach them and raise more for your mission.

Impact investing

Are your projects interesting for impact investors? I can analyze if they are and if so, suggest the best concept (social bond, health impact bond, development bond or other) and help you connect with impact investors. Chuva is your intermediairy for impact bonds.


With years of experience with fundraising, relationshipmanagement and charities/non-profits I am in the unique position to relate to charities as well as donors and therefore can help charities to raise more funds and realize their goals better.

Want to learn more?

Contact me at or call +31 6 13783962