Offer These general terms and conditions are applicable on all offers, and contracts where Chuva Consulting delivers services of any kind to a customer, even if these services are not clearly defined in these conditions, unless clearly defined otherwise in writing between the concerned parties. All offers are non-committal. Conditions from other parties are not applicable, unless by Chuva Consulting accepted in writing.

Tariffs All tariffs are excluding Dutch VAT, if and when due, and other charges may be imposed by governments or local authorities. Chuva Consulting’s services for the client(s) will be done against a before determined tariff (excl VAT) which will be stated in the proposal/contract.

Invoicing and payments All invoices will be paid by client(s) according to the on the invoice mentioned conditions. When a client doesn’t pay according those conditions, a client owes 1,5% interest on the outstanding payments, without any further notice. If a client remains negligent in paying, a claim can be relinquished to a collection agency. In which case the client will have to pay extrajudicial and judicial collection fees which will amount to at least 15% of the outstanding payment.

Overtime If the work by Chuva Consulting will exceed the pre-agreed price, Chuva Consulting will inform the client as soon as possible about the possible costs and by who much it will exceed the pre-agreed price.

Work, Force majeure and illness Chuva Consulting obliges to deliver work in the best way possible and with the utmost care and attention. Under reservation of unforeseen circumstances, for example caused by force majeure of illness, Chuva Consulting will supply another consultant. A new consultant will be considered at all times in consultation and exclusively by approval from the client. If the client does not approve of the replacement consultant the agreement with the client can be annulled without payment of any costs or damages being owed, by whichever party.

Appointments, presentations, consults at clients location The client will make sure the appointment, presentations or consults will take place. If the client annuls or postpones the appointment, presentation or consults, the following compensations are owed: after confirmation of the proposal by mail by the client: Until 45 days before starting 50% of the agreed amount, from 45 until 7 days before starting 75% of the agreed amount, 100% if less than 7 days in advance.

Copyrights All by Chuva Consulting used materials and presentations will at all time be property of Chuva Consulting unless otherwise agreed upon before with the client in writing.

Liability If Chuva Consulting would be held liable while working on the in the agreement mentioned work, liability is limited to the maximum of the amount of the offered price (excluding VAT). The maximum liability applies to the amount less the already paid amounts. A libel action should be set within one month after finishing the agreed upon work. Every other liability is ruled out, be it because of default or otherwise. Any liability because of damages linked to loss or other indirect damages is explicitly ruled out.

Confidential information Chuva Consulting guarantees that all precautions will be taken to ascertain confidentiality of client data and information. The client will observe confidentiality about information from Chuva Consulting as far as the information is confidential.

Law and disputes The agreements between Chuva Consulting and clients will be governed by Dutch law.