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Social deal making & fundraising.
Chuva connects social with financial returns.

Chuva helps European charities and non-profits to reach their goals by connecting them to donors, foundations or (impact) investors. We do this by using the latest research, developing strategic plans and giving strategic advice and helping with implementing these plans.

Vaccine Production Line

Scaling up impact, that's how you create real value with money.

Chuva brings donors and investors together with

social, performance-oriented organizations.



Curious what

Chuva can do for your organization?

Chuva works together with:

What do customers say?

Marlou Houdijk
Teammanager Private Individuals 
(UNICEF Netherlands)

"Harald has provided UNICEF with a sound analysis of possible financial investment constructions for Major Donors. He has a good knowledge in this area and uses market research to back up his recommendations”

Anneke Salden
Manager Marketing Private Individuals 
(Plan Netherlands)

“Harald is a specialist in the world of major donors. He knows how to connect with major and middle donors very well. He understands the wants of these donors when giving to charitable organizations. Above all, he knows how to find these donors. He has applied a smart research method on the PLAN Netherlands database, to select more prospective major donors. The first contacts with them has already lead to interesting results”

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