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Leaving a valuable impact on society, that is the future of investing.

Chuva Consulting has years of experience with impact investors, charities and relationship management. Our mission is to bridge the gap between charities/non-profits and donors/impact investors with a focus on healthcare SDG 3.

What is our aim?

What does Chuva mean? Chuva (phonetically: choova) is the Portugese word for rain. We see this as a warm shower which provides charity and non-profit projects in a sustainable way of the much needed donors and donations.

We take the utmost care in handling the interest from charities as well as those of the donor/investor. That is why Chuva only works with other parties that have longterm client-relationships and customer satisfaction as their most important aims.

Raindrops on Leaf
Chuva's mission:
Connecting charities/non-profits with donors/impact investors with a focus on keeping healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone through impact investing

Who is Chuva?

Before starting Chuva, Harald Machielse, worked for two Dutch-based international banks before changing to the non-profit world. Chuva connects charities/non-profits and donors/investors in a sustainable fashion.

That means making a longterm-relationship between all stakeholders that offers benefits to all concerned.. With years of experience in relationshipmanagement in banking and fundraising-philanthropy we can relate to both charities/non-profits as well as donors. Therefore we can make this relationship work. Result-orientation, relationshipmanagement and service-orientation have the highest priority.


For charities, philanthropic foundations and investors

Chuva connects midsize and large charities/non-profits, with major donors and impact investors

Prospect research

Do you want to raise more funds more efficiently at existing and new donors? I will gladly help you with prospect research. Where are your donors and how can you reach them? With a SMART-approach I will help you reach them and raise more for your mission.

Impact Investing/
Intermediary Impact Bonds

Are your projects interesting for impact investors? We can analyze if they are and if so, suggest the best concept (social bond, health impact bond, development bond or other) and help you connect with impact investors. Chuva is your intermediary for impact bonds.

Glass Buildings


Chuva is focused on societal impact, with a focus on SDG goal 3.

“Health is essential for sustainable development,” the United Nations states. Goal three is about health and well-being for everyone, young and old. According to the World Health Organization, the infant mortality rate in 2015 fell by 53 percent from 1990. Yet, every year, six million children still die before the age of five.”

Chuva focuses on projects that advance good health and well-being. These can be innovative or social projects.

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